Ridgebacks are loyal, fun loving, handsome, upstanding dogs, full of character with a sense of wickedness about them.  They will try your patience with their stubborn, strong willed personality, often having selective deafness but melting your heart when they talk to you with their expressive faces.  They can be happy to laze around all day or as active as you want them to be.  They are not known for barking needlessly.  They can be gluttons, and become fat if you are not careful, they can be food thieves. They love to be with you, lean on you, and protect you and your family.  If you want a highly intelligent, independent dog with lots of personality, that loves to be part of a family, then this is the dog for you.


Think carefully before bringing one of these wonderful dogs into your family, all puppies are cute....so ask yourself.....do you have the time to care for an active puppy, are you willing to walk your ridgeback, socialize and train it?; pay for veterinary care when needed, food and bedding?  When you go on holiday is there someone who can care for your ridgy while away.  They can live until 13/14 years of age, so please research this breed well before buying.  This breed is not for everyone.


Potential puppy buyers are always welcome to visit and meet our dogs to learn more about the breed and to help them decide if this is the dog for you.   Please feel free to contact us for a visit.


All breeding stock are hip x-rayed and in latter years, elbow x-rayed.  Puppies are raised in the home and are lucky to be able to enjoy plenty of room to run and play on our 4 acres.  All puppies are fed a natural diet based on the Barf diet, and are all fed individually from their own bowl (we do not feed puppies in a communal bowl), so ensuring they all have the same opportunity to grow to their best potential.


Breeding a litter of puppies requires many hours of our time raising them, to ensure they are well handled, happy puppies.  Puppy buyers are given a puppy pack, including an information booklet, record of vaccinations and worming, and we are always available to help with questions and support with the raising of our puppies. 


Good temperament is of utmost importance to us when choosing breeding stock.